Hazardous waste assessment

We perform hazardous waste assessment according by authorized person

Basically there are two ways to find out if entire waste posses any of the Hazardous Properties HP 1 to HP 15. Where the waste contains dangerous substances, their concentrations are compared against the appropriate thresholds, or a test is carried out to determine if the waste has a hazardous property. Tests are applied mainly to physical properties assessment (for example HP3 - Flammable) or Ecotoxicity (HP 14) or Waste capable of exhibiting a hazardous property listed above not directly displayed by the original waste (HP 15). Properties of waste which render it hazardous, details on criteria and thresholds are defined by EU Regulations and Czech legislation. Selected wastes are also listed on a regulatory list of hazardous waste which gives them classification "hazardous" by the law. 

  • Assessment of waste properties for its classification as "non-hazardous" or "hazardous" can be performed by authorized persons only. Authorization is giving by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic or the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
  • The waste evaluation is a complex process requiring close cooperation of authorized person with waste producers.
  • Deep knowledge of the waste properties needs to be applied and what went into it. This evaluation involves using knowledge of the process or materials used to produce the waste and sometimes involves waste sampling and analytical testing of the waste.
  • The waste assessment process can be optimized to be minimized associated financial costs.
  • The waste evaluation process leads to determination whether or not the waste is hazardous. Waste posing one or more of the Hazardous Properties from HP 1 to HP 15 must be classified as "hazardous". If the waste does not have any hazardous property than authorized person generates certificate confirming "non-hazardous" waste classification including conditions of certificate validity and subsequent analytical control of defined parameters of the waste.

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