Sampling and Measuring

Groundwater Sampling and Sampling of Solids

Sampling is an integral part of our services. We are equipped with almost every type of conventional groundwater sampling and measuring equipment. Sampling can be provide as comprehensive service ranging from design of sampling programme to entire field sampling, samples transportation, related testing and results evaluation. Our goal is to provide high quality of sampling of groundwater or solids. Regular certified training of our staff is essential part of our work.

In-Situ Groundwater Measuring

There are many characteristics that need to be measured in-situ like dissolved oxygen concentration, oxidation reduction potential, temperature, pH, conductivity, etc. Our portable groundwater quality measuring instruments can take all the most needed characteristics in the field.

The Personnel Sampling Qualification

  • Manager of sampling and assessment of hazardous waste characteristics
  • Groundwater sampling manager
  • Accredited sampling of solid samples